A 12-post collection is my latest weekend project

It all started when Adonis told me that he was looking to contribute to some open source projects. He had a list of projects that he actively uses but he didn't want to always be checking their issues list for new issues that he could get his hands on. So we thought it would be cool if we had a way to watch a GitHub repository for issues of specific tags, e.g. "Need help", "Good first contribution", etc. I »

Database Migrations with Nodejs

A database is a vital part of every complex application. Databases change very often and contain data that can even disintegrate our whole application if they get out of sync. Changing a live database, whether it's related to schema or data, can be hard. Modern apps, where Agile methodologies along with processes such as Continuous Integration apply, have raised the bar of complexity so maintaining a database separately from the application's business logic can be quite painful. Fortunately, we have »

Isolated Unit Tests with Sinonjs

Units in Unit Testing is the smallest unit of code. But how small? Small enough to be tested. For that matter, Unit Tests need to be isolated and for that you need stubs. Here I will use a small function and the Sinonjs to try to test it. My function does some checks and finally an HTTP call to an external service while similar functions would hit a DB. But our intention is to test the actual function and we »

Automated GUI Testing Solutions

I gave a talk entitled TDD with Node.js in the latest SKGNode.js meetup. I explained the concept of TDD and described my tools of choice for integrating the TDD flow with Node.js. It was great. I didn't got into GUI testing and I saw a major interest on that. So I decided to take a look at the current state of GUI testing. Here are the main tools that I came up with: Zombie.js Zombie uses »

Queue-Centric Workflow

We started adopting a Queue-Centric workflow recently at Goodvidio, although it's still too early to talk whether it served us well and what the benefits were. In this article I would like to talk about the mindset of adopting such an infrastructure and some key concepts you must keep in mind, especially when using AWS's SQS, a cloud hosted Messaging System. Besides SQS, there is also, Azure's Storage and I am sure there are others as well. There are also »