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Node.js & Recursion

Recursion is one of the initial courses we take in every CS university, with the most used example being the Fibonacci sequence: let recursive = (n) => { if(n This works great in most of the languages we've been taught, but with asynchronous environments such as Node.js, things are getting tricky. Using asynchronous functions, we need to wait for the function to end before call the next iteration of the recursion. Say we need to recursively delete an item and all »

Action, Inspiration, Motivation

I watch a lot of people on the Internet. Authors, film makers, music producers. I often wonder where do these guys get inspiration and motivation. It came down to be one thing. Inspiration is like metabolism. You have to put it in work in order to start working. It won't work by it's own. If you just sit and wait, it won't start working. Do. Be a doer. Regularly. "The first rule of doing work that matters: Going to work »

The road to Client Side Javascript

Client Side JS frameworks have come a long way. Since the rise of Backbone.js back at 2010, the way we write Javascript and everything about it has changed. A lot of frameworks have born, almost one for every need. But what does a Client Side JS framework consists of? Should I adopt one out of the wild or write my own? As always, it depends. And you should do your homework before choosing one or the other. I've come »

Immutable Objects with Javascript

There is no way, by default, to ensure that your Javascript Object you passed into a function will stay as is nevertheless. And that creates a problem and a lot of side effects. To avoid this common pitfall we create immutable objects, those that no one can change during the app's lifecycle. By default, all Javascript types, except objects, define immutable values. Have you ever tried to alter an object, say to delete a property, but you couldn't? Say to »

Be prepared to scale your team

Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to work with a lot of dev teams. Good and bad. I've seen teams with a sickness so deeply in their DNA that they were doomed to fail. I've also seen teams that gets you up in the morning while looking forward to meet your colleagues. But that team that keeps you in being that place and continue working with them, didn't happen accidentally. Someone created it. This is my list for a happy »