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The Configuration Service

While we were moving towards the Microservices path at Goodvidio, we were in the need of keeping in a central place the configuration of our system. Thus, we created the Configuration Service. The Configuration Service exposes a REST API (like all of our services) and provides a place to store configuration variables and values to all of our developers. Each Service of our infrastructure can have a record stored in the Configuration Service. Those records will then be consumed and »

User Stories as in User Stories

User stories are a part of every agile driven process that teams usually follow. Often, even a developer can be called to write a story, based on a business requirement, that will eventually be called to develop it. Here's an example: As a Developer, I want to be able to filter Blog Posts by Category ID, so I can display a filtered table. But one can easily be distracted and write a story based on their understanding of how consumers »

Node.js & Recursion

Recursion is one of the initial courses we take in every CS university, with the most used example being the Fibonacci sequence: let recursive = (n) => { if(n This works great in most of the languages we've been taught, but with asynchronous environments such as Node.js, things are getting tricky. Using asynchronous functions, we need to wait for the function to end before call the next iteration of the recursion. Say we need to recursively delete an item and all »

Action, Inspiration, Motivation

I watch a lot of people on the Internet. Authors, film makers, music producers. I often wonder where do these guys get inspiration and motivation. It came down to be one thing. Inspiration is like metabolism. You have to put it in work in order to start working. It won't work by it's own. If you just sit and wait, it won't start working. Do. Be a doer. Regularly. "The first rule of doing work that matters: Going to work »