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Kostas Bariotis

Senior Software Engineer


I am Kostas Bariotis, a software engineer from Thessaloniki, Greece currently living in London, UK. I have over seven years of experience as a software engineer in small but also in bigger technological companies. I have worked with some amazing companies and individuals. I have done open source work and have also contributed to lots of projects. I have been actively involved with the vibrant tech community of Thessaloniki and have been helping in the organization of the DEVit conference since day one. I have been documenting my technical journey on my blog and have interviewed some amazing people on my podcast.


Senior Software Engineer @ Grover

2019 November - Present

Based in Berlin, Grover is renting tech and other products directly to their customers on a monthly subscription.

Senior Product Engineer @ Bulb

2019 November - Present

As a member of the team that is building internal tools for Bulbs' energy specialist, I've been involved in building many tools but also integrating third-party services into our every-day processes. Bulbs' main stack is TypeScript/React.js/Node.js and are using Terraform to manage our platform provider and Kubernetes to manage our runtime services. I've been involved in different side projects as well, from security to onboarding. As a senior engineer, I led several projects, by braking them down, designing the architecture and planning the release from zero to production.

Senior Product Engineer @ Trouva

2018 June - 2019 October

In a very fast paced environment and a small, I participated in many decisions and involved in many parts of the product teams' process. As a member of the consumer squad, I designed and built an integration with Shopify that would allow our customers to be in sync with our platform. As a member of the platform squad, I involved in many DevOps operations, building and re-architecting existing parts, writing documentation and helping in defining engineering processes. I was also helping other team members to when blocked in designing extensions of our system in a micro-services architecture. We were using Node.js for our backend services and React.js/Ember.js for our frontend apps. Our architecture was built on AWS (ECS for VMs, SQS/SNS for intercommunication, and others).

Senior Software Developer @ ​Quotelier​

2017 February - 2018 March

As the lead developer in a team of three, I helped set up the infrastructure for the Quotelier platform and apply best practices to both the backend and the frontend blocks. We chose AWS for our infrastructure and used many services like AWS Lambda and DynamoDB. I have worked with both the backend project, built completely on AWS Lambdas with Node.js. I ‘ve also worked on the frontend project, built with React.js and helped set up the testing strategy and raised the code coverage of the whole codebase.

Nodejs Developer, Backend Product Engineer @ ​Goodvidio​

2015 March - 2016 December

Being the fourth engineer, I helped the company grow its platform from an MVP to fully scalable, modularized architecture that was servicing thousands of requests per day. I have developed the backbone REST API that served the Goodvidio service using Node.js. I have participated in the architecture build process that was designed to serve an application that would scale fast. We payed attention on our testing strategy and kept keeping a high test coverage.

Front-End Developer @ ​InsightReplay​

2015 Jan - 2015 March

I helped the InsightReplay team with the front end development of their product while working closely with Angular.js 1.x.

Magento Developer, Front-End Developer @ ​Walkinthepark.gr​

2014 Feb - 2015 March

Working mainly with E-Commerce businesses, I had the opportunity to work on the world’s most valuable E-Commerce platform, Magento. I have written a lot of modules and created many custom design themes.

Full Stack Web Developer @ ​dTek Net.working​

2013 Apr - 2014 Feb

I have created several web applications, using PHP to serve dynamic content on the client, mySQL to handle persistent data and Javascript to deliver a rich user experiences. I have played with most popular Web's APIs whilst i had the opportunity to write one from scratch.


Personal skills

  • Immediate familiarity on new technologies.
  • Ability to work in a team effectively.
  • Innovative, Analytical thinking.
  • Mood for acquisition and transmission of knowledge.
  • Organizational behavior, combined knowledge, methodically and consistently.
  • Decision-making.
  • Always in a mood to work and learn.


Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH)

Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Software Engineering, 2006 – 2011