These are the draft posts either I am currently working on either I have abandoned them for some reason. You can read them and comment on them if you think you can help me complete them. It will be fun to write an article together. I will also include you as a co-author.

GraphQL Persisted Queries

Persisted queries (or persisted documents) serve two purposes when it comes to GraphQL: performance and security. The options for implementation varies depending on which one you focus on. First, a short introduction. With persisted queries enabled… »

Setting up a development team

In 2017, I had the pleasure to be part of a team in it's very early stages and had the chance to shape the future. I had an idea of how things should be from previous expierences, but I didn't lose an opportunity to question my assumptions in every… »

A word on premature optimization

Define the problem ask and seek for answers Know your options research the hell out Execute and measure Let's have a word on premature optimization, on other words, over engineering. The problem with premature optimization is when you are trying to… »

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