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Kostas Bariotis

Product engineer @BulbEnergy, co-organizer of @devitconf & @skgnodejs, host of Devastation Podcast.

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Gatsby with Docker multi-stage builds

I'm probably late to the game, but I have just discovered Docker's new (well..) feature, the multi-stage builds. At first, it came handy for building Go binaries, starting with a base image, compiling the project and then continuing with a image to… »

Guide to package-lock.json

This article first appeared on LogRocket's blog. In this article, we'll look at , why it's important, and how it's best used along with NPM CLI in your day-to-day life. History NPM version 5 introduced as a mechanism to capture the exact dependency… »

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Dependency injection in Node.js

This article is about how to achieve dependency injection in Node.js using awilix, a Dependency Injection Container I have been personally using for quite some time now. I will use unit testing as a use case where dependency injection can be helpful… »

NODE_ENV: So easy to miss your step

I broke our main API last week. I merged a PR of mine I had been working for a while. It got two approvals from two co-workers, green test suite and it was working perfectly fine locally and on our staging environment, the one that we test things… »

Aggregated log management

I have been building aggregated logging mechanisms in all my projects and I always thought of it as an industry standard practice. Lately I've noticed that this is not the case and lots of people are not taking it seriously. This post is an attempt… »

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