It's actually been quite some time since my last new years' resolution. Quite a few things changed since with the most important being that I moved to London and have been rocking my new life here for over a year and a half now. That was a big change for me though and unfortunately I had to put other things in side and writing to my blog was one of them.

2019 in review

  • I traveled to one new country (🇸🇪) and to many more that I've been before.
  • Ran my first half marathon, 2 hours and 2 minutes.
  • Have been exercising a lot, constantly going to the gym, doing long runs, doing yoga and experimenting with new activities like bouldering.
  • Have been learning Spanish for over a year now and this year I really stepped up my game. I did a subscription on my favorite app, Busuu, and have really committed to it. Traveled to Barcelona twice, and I was actually able to do every day simple conversations.
  • Moved on to a new company. At the time, it felt like it was the right thing to do especially after experiencing a short period of burn out. I love the new company and I hope I can stay there for a while. I have said before that job hopping is not of any interest to me. I am consantly looking for an environment and a team that I can be part of and do great things together for years long.
  • 4 posts on my blog and a few guest posts
  • 4 Devastation Podcast episodes (with the last before them being in 2017)
  • Terminated one of my main side projects. It was either that or going full on it.
  • Another successful DEVit. On the tech side of things it's running behind due to limited resources and time.

A new era

This year come to an end, a new decade is starting and I'm stepping into my thirties for good. Here are some lessons and notes from this past decade:

On work-life balance

I came to realization that all my twenties were all about work. I really feel like I spent too much time thinking about work, looking for work, staying inside to work. I can honestly remember myself feeling guilt on occasions where I went out but I should have really stayed inside to do some coding. This is definitely something I want to work on for the years to come. I am finally starting to understand what the term "Work hard, play hard" is all about.

On burning out

I used to think that burning out means the moment when you've literally passed out. Like when the ambulance will come and get you. No. Burning out is when you're constantly thinking of a matter that's not currently happening. It's about being stressed all the time for things you can't control. It's about waking up in the morning and not feeling 100% sure about your day.

I need to be more vigilant about my mental health and act on it as soon as I realize that something is not right.

On setting goals

In my early twenties, I visualized my self where I wanted to be when I would hit thirty. I'm exactly there actually and I'm really proud of it. Now I need to think about the next decade. I will take my time on it.

In business terms, I will focus on this years' KPIs while I am thinking about my strategic long-term play.

On being involved

Part of the reason for being where I am is my involvement to the local tech community back in my hometown. I met some amazing people, I did some long term friendships that I wouldn't exchange for anything in the world and also made great achievements through them.

I heard once someone saying: "All you need to do is to show up". I need to keep showing up. Keep getting involved.

New years' goals

  • Prioritize life over work. It's OK if I don't start a new project or if I don't write a new blog post as soon as I spend that time enjoying life and having a good time. It's NOT OK to waste time being inside doing nothing.
  • Travel to one new country, preferably to a new continent.
  • Finish my Spanish study plan.
  • Exercise constantly.
  • Start one new side project. Think again before though. Evaluate the time and effort you are going to put into and only do it if you are sure about it.
  • Have been thinking a lot about doing a hardware project. Smart mirrors are really impressing me and I would love to put one on my living room. Maybe something for this year.
  • Get involved in more communities.
  • Get a new hobby. Keep experimenting.

Here's to another great year.