Recently, my colleague Yannis Rizos, tweeted me about a book. Its title was somehow offensive and didn't look quite interesting at first.

But once i started browsing it, i catch some really good points and decided to start from the beginning.

Written by Robert L Read, it's a free essay, ~100 pages long.

It is listing all the borrows and challenges a programmer will face and must pass in order to become a programmer.

Starts with the most essential skill of a programmer, debugging. How to debug and some of the most trivial bugs you will eventually find in your code.

It goes on with more skills like motivation, evolution, how to stress test, be a team player and communicate effectively with every type of people involved in this industry.

It is divided in 3 chapters, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and every chapter contains a few paragraphs for every concept.

I was really amazed by this essay and i would surely recommended to every beginner, junior, mid-senior professional programmer. I guess senior would already know these stuffs.

What are you favorite recent reads?