The process of a job interview certainly is not easy. Especially when you are young and inexperienced.

But you should be hungry for interviews, cause every one of them is just an experience itself. Usually, you have to pass a highly experienced interviewer and sometimes maybe you will meet some of the big stems of the company.

Something people are missing is that a job interview is not a one-way road. While the company's people want to know more about you, you must get to know more about them. Ask some questions, take a good look at the facilities/offices. Observe people's movements, talk styles, and dress codes.

One thing that I have gained after so many interviews is that I can simply get into a room and just know if I really want to work there. Joy, collaboration, chill atmosphere are things that can't be concealed.

After a lot of interviews, I have kept some notes of what I shall ask during one. Here there are:

  • What will my job be? At first and after few months?

  • What is your work policy for employees?

  • Software/hardware that I will get?

  • Can I participate on/run side projects?

  • Is there a budget for conferences, further education, bonus?

  • What is the history of this company and how do you see the future?

  • Will you measure my productivity and how?

Those are just simple questions you can ask. The point here is that you are in a position of knowing more about this company. It's not something you should afraid of or feeling awkward.

A job interview should always be a two ways road. Don't be afraid.