Go canonical import paths & Github forks

I started playing with Golang(or just Go) this week for the first time. Go is a compiled, statically typed language and I thought it would be a great fit for situations where Node.js, my primary go-to stack, won't be a great candidate for the job… »

MongoDB Aggregation: $lookup for JOINs

As of MongoDB 3.2, a new feature has been added that introduces a left outer join for the first time. is part of the MongoDB aggregation pipeline. It's a separate stage and the syntax is really simple: The above command will fetch every document… »

Automated GUI Testing Solutions

I gave a talk entitled TDD with Node.js in the latest SKGNode.js meetup . I explained the concept of TDD and described my tools of choice for integrating the TDD flow with Node.js. It was great. I didn't got into GUI testing and I saw a major… »

28 things I’d do differently next time around

Loved that article. So many insights. We all could gain a lot from each other's experiences. I truly believe that and that's why I started this blog in the first place. https://medium.com/@mitchellharper/28-things-i-d-do-differently-next-time-around… »

Beyond sunset

Ah man, what a year! 2015 has to be my best. Last year I failed to write my resolution. But since that year went so good, I thought not to miss write one now. 2015 in review: I've joined Goodvidio and that was the best decision I made in 201… »

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