Making a REST API discoverable

Making a discoverable API means thats some software would be able to traverse it, by only providing it's root endpoint. For example, my IDE could provide me all the endpoints, input schemas and responses of Github's API by putting in it's root, that… »

It makes sense

You won’t rush an architect. You don’t want to see your house becoming dust at the next earthquake.  You won’t rush your hairdresser. You don’t want to leave that place with one ear. You won’t rush your dentist. You can’t handle the pain. You won’t… »

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Are you the best in the room?

First, become the best in the room. Then find a room where everyone is better than you. Repeat. I know this piece is like 20 words long but could it be a spark for a great conversation? Leave your comment... »

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Consistent dependencies across teams

A common pitfall when comes to development teams is the inconsistent software and library versions across developers. The first time you install a Node.js dependency by , the latest version of that package, will be installed along with the npm's… »

The stories in my head

A few days ago I stumbled upon this wonderful story . I love those short stories. They are real, inspirational and educational stories. I've also have two stories on my head that I kept saying when I am among fellows but I never wrote them somewhere… »

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