Be prepared to scale your team

Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to work with a lot of dev teams. Good and bad. I've seen teams with a sickness so deeply in their DNA that they were doomed to fail. I've also seen teams that gets you up in the morning while looking forward… »

Mongoose objects and the IN operator

Today I lost a few hours trying to understand why a document that I was fetching through Mongoose, kept returning true against checking for a field with the operator, even though the document didn't contain that field. But still it would return… »

Making a REST API discoverable

Making a discoverable API means thats some software would be able to traverse it, by only providing it's root endpoint. For example, my IDE could provide me all the endpoints, input schemas and responses of Github's API by putting in it's root, that… »

It makes sense

You won’t rush an architect. You don’t want to see your house becoming dust at the next earthquake.  You won’t rush your hairdresser. You don’t want to leave that place with one ear. You won’t rush your dentist. You can’t handle the pain. You won’t… »

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Are you the best in the room?

First, become the best in the room. Then find a room where everyone is better than you. Repeat. I know this piece is like 20 words long but could it be a spark for a great conversation? Leave your comment... »

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