Common Concurrency Problems

A common problem to Computer Science is Concurrency . Most of the application we use today, use it in order to better utilise the hardware underneath them, especially when you are dealing with multicore systems. Now a few days ago I bumped into an… »

Choosing your next best tool

This time i decided to post on Medium as being my favorite blogging platform for long time now. I am talking about the process of choosing a new tool in a world where every day something new is coming out. Checkit out. As always feedback, comments… »

Interviewer vs Interviewee

The process of a job interview certainly is not easy. Especially when you are young and inexperienced. But you should be hungry for interviews, cause every one of them is just an experience itself. Usually, you have to pass a highly experienced… »

How to keep up on SEO

I am certainly not a SEO expert. Neverthless, I am developing web sites and I have to be able to deliver after all a SEO optimized web site. Take a SEO Check Up Check your site using SEO Site Checkup , which will be able to report you how your site… »

JWT: The modern way of authenticating

Recently, Thanos got me into JWT . Json Web Token is the modern way of authenticating between your REST API and a web/mobile/native client without using Sessions and/or cookies. This is a nice explanation of how things were done , until Json Web… »