There is a lot of noise the past few days, since Google anounced that will retire Google Reader. I have been using Google Reader a lot lately. Since i am not a huge fan of the traditional news media, i love to explore news and trends everyday through the internet. Google Reader was a very handfull tool on this.

I knew all that time i was using the Reader, that something is wrong. Google didn't made a single update on the product, at least in the foregound. I was impressed to know that the usage was declined, i thought aren't people use such a niche app?  Are they still enjoying watching news shows on TV? Didn't they as me, turned off their TV after they used for the first time Google Reader Play. Oh yeah, another great tool. I love working with stuff in the house and having my big TV screen playing my favorites news sources with Reader Play. So great. Yet it's hard to believe that it really didn't worth it for Google to keep it. I am wondering who will take this opportunity to create something similar with more capabilities.

But in the 1st of July. All this will gone. I know that people searching desparating for a replacement of their favorite news reader. Personally, i still haven't found it. And every guy that runs a RSS reader it's been the past days that has worked his ass off to attract as much users as he can that will turn off their Reader account once and for all.

If you like me, still searching for a replacement, maybe this initiative can help. You see that there are allready a lot of apps that would do what you asked for. Try as much as you can before decide. Also help others decide too. Before it's too late!