A few days ago I stumbled upon this wonderful story. I love those short stories. They are real, inspirational and educational stories.

I've also have two stories on my head that I kept saying when I am among fellows but I never wrote them somewhere. Here's my chance. Those stories are not mine but I have them in my mind for so long that I can't even remember where I read them. If you have any clue please share with me, in order to give credits to the original authors.

Here's the first one.

A train's engine got broken while in the road. It was recently purchaced and it was it's first trip and the president of the transportation company was on it. It happen also to be on, an engineer that was specialized on those kinds of engines. So the president headed to him and asked for help. He was desparate, afraid of the passengers to not left pleased. The engineer agreed to fix the engine and asked for 10.000$. The president took the deal even though the price was insane. The engineer headed to the front of the train. Picked up a hammer that was nearby and started looking at the engine. Everyone was waiting and suddenly he makes three hits to three different spots. Big hits. He yield to the driver to turn on the engine and for everyone's surprise the engine was running again. He fixed it. But the president was mad. He turned to the enginneer and said "You charded me 10.000$ just to take three hits with the hammer? I would done it my self!". And the engineer responded "I didn't charged you for the hitting. I charged you because I knew... where to hit."

Amazing. I am always carrying this story in my head. In fact, this story drove me where I am today, always trying to learn things that few people only know. I hope it inspires you too.

And here's the second.

A young junior employee on an private investements company did a serious, very critical mistake, that cost the company 1.000.000$. The man very sad, the next day went to his manager office and he handed his resignation. He said to him "I know you probably going to fire me for the mistake I've done so I am quiting.". And the manager said: "Are you being serious? I just spend a million on your training. You aren't going anywhere!".

Loved this story too. Experience is so important. It's what defines you as a professional. But in order to gain it you need to act. Without fear.

And again, these stories are not mine and if you happen to know the original authors please share them with me.

Do you know any good stories?