Add configuration file to your PHP Projects For a while now, i've been using Symfony's YAML to add a configuration file on my PHP projects. Today, i stumbled upon Vance Lucas's  PHPDotEnv which is a great PHP package that will transfer the contents of a… »

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Magento(Varien lib) & PHP memory_limit -1 bug

Last week an unusual bug really got me some time until i figured out. Common symptoms are Magento not creating your product's images cache without a reason or when trying to upload product's image and an error says 'Memory limit reached'. A lot of… »

Does your code smells?

Programming is like my life. Being in the game since i was a little kid, it's like programming languages are my native languages. Writing good code matters a lot to me. Being able to write clean code may not seem so important but hazardous situations… »

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A collection of PHP libraries you should know

Are you always in the wild trying to find the most awesome PHP projects? Are your bookmarks a mess? Here is a  curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things. Everything under a category, not every resource but the most… »

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