Queue-Centric Workflow

We started adopting a Queue-Centric workflow recently at Goodvidio , although it's still too early to talk whether it served us well and what the benefits were. In this article I would like to talk about the mindset of adopting such an… »

The Configuration Service

While we were moving towards the Microservices path at Goodvidio , we were in the need of keeping in a central place the configuration of our system. Thus, we created the Configuration Service . The Configuration Service exposes a REST API… »

User Stories as in User Stories

User stories are a part of every agile driven process that teams usually follow. Often, even a developer can be called to write a story, based on a business requirement, that will eventually be called to develop it. Here's an example: As a Developer… »

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Node.js & Recursion

Recursion is one of the initial courses we take in every CS university, with the most used example being the Fibonacci sequence: This works great in most of the languages we've been taught, but with asynchronous environments such as Node.js, things… »

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