A week ago Thanasis asked me to make a Javascript 101 for the SKG Node.js monthly meetup. The trap? I had to present it a week after. :/ At first, it looked not such an easy task, since I hadn't have any slides or anything ready for it. Fuck it. Challenge accepted.

I strongly believe that it’s the pressure that makes you a better professional let alone a better person. Life doesn’t wait. Let alone the community. Of course, I would be more pleased if I had the time to prepare a better presentation. But even this way I think it was a great experience. People liked it.

Thanasis offered me even an easier solution. Take a ready presentation, study it and present it. Nah, I didn’t want it that way. I need it to be me. To have my own slides. My own talk. After all it’s me who had to present it. It had to had my style.

Anyway, people asked for the slides and for some references. So here they are.

80% of the talk were studied by Professional Javascript Developers from Nikolas Zakas. I strongly recommend this book, but be aware it’s a 'heavy' one. Even being quite old, it still has some neat advices and can be a great reference for the future.

I asked Adonis to borrow me his Javascript: The Good Parts a week ago but still hasn’t remember it. I took a quick look on it online (using the previews) and stole some examples from there too. I would recommend it.

MDN also helped me a lot, being in the first 10 results of Google searches, I always choose it before I dive deeper. (Still avoiding w3school even though I try to support them. Still can’t trust their source. :/)

You can find Thanasis's slides here of his Assets on the Cloud talk, which was amazing.

Finaly, check out the photos(here, here) we took that night.

If you were at the meetup and you liked my talk, please ping me on Twitter with notices and suggestions.

Thank you.